Thánh lễ truyền chức cho 6 Tân Linh Mục tại Gp Orange

Giáo Phận Orange cảm tạ ơn Thiên Chúa đã ban cho 6 Tân Linh Mục: Quân Đình Trần, Daniel Brian Reader, Troy David Schneider, Martin P. Bùi, Duy Tiến Lễ, và Nicolas Toàn Nguyễn. Thánh Lễ Truyền Chức Thánh được cử hành trọng thể tại Nhà Thờ  St Columban vào ngày 11/6/2011 vừa qua.

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… diverse backgrounds share a common calling

The Most Rev. Tod D. Brown, Bishop of Orange, ordained six men as Catholic priests at St. Columban Church, Garden Grove on Saturday, June 11, 10:00 a.m.  “These new priests are a blessing from God and a gift to our Diocese. Their ministry will be vital to serving the 1.2 million Catholics in Orange County,” said Bishop Brown. Catholics comprise more than 60 percent of the population in Orange County.

“The Priesthood Ordination for Quan Dinh Tran, Daniel Brian Reader, Troy Daniel Schneider Martin P. Bui, Duy Tien Le, and Nicolas Toan Nguyen reflect the cultural diversity and the multicultural ministry of the Diocese of Orange,” said Bishop Brown.  Today there are 186,147 registered households within 62 parishes and centers.

Quan Dinh Tran, at the age of six, fled Vietnam with his family and relocated to southern California. Quan Dinh Tran earned a degree in Finance, a law degree, and later practiced as a Public Defender then became Deputy District Attorney in Orange County. In his home parish of St. Timothy in Laguna Niguel he was active as a lector and Eucharistic Minister. He attended seminary at The Pontifical North American College, in Rome.

“In 2005, I asked God in prayer to reveal to me his plans for me. Within a short period of time, and with the help of God’s grace, I was able to give up everything to follow him.”  –  Quan Dinh Tran

Daniel Brian Reader is a native of Kentucky. Prior to entering seminary, he did humanitarian work in Mexico, led faith sharing groups as part of Disciples in Mission, and was involved with sponsorships through RCIA. He attended St. John’s Seminary.

“In 2004, I was praying for an increase in vocations. I basically was getting a very strong tug on my heart from God to respond to the shortage of priests.”   – Daniel Brian Reader 

Troy Daniel Schneider, originally from Oregon, moved to Orange, CA in 2000. At his home parish of St. Nicholas in Laguna Woods, he served as secretary for parish council, lector, Minister of Holy Communion, and minister to the sick and dying.  He attended seminary at The American College of Louvain, in Belgium.

“My calling to the priesthood basically I fought it for three years,…and finally said yes. I have never been happier and the Lord has blessed me abundantly.” – Troy Daniel Schneider

Martin P. Bui came from Vietnam to the US at the age of 12. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach in Computer Science. He worked with Vietnamese Youth at his home parish, St. Colomban until he entered Saint Patrick’s Seminary.

“One Sunday, I went to Mass, listened to the Gospel of Matthew,…the story about Jesus telling his disciples to leave everything, take up the cross and follow him.  For some reason, that Gospel story stayed with me…” – Martin P. Bui

Duy Tien Le was born in the US and has resided in southern California since the age of 4. While in college he joined the youth ministry at St. Colomban. He entered seminary at St. Patrick’s.

“…During a consecration when the Host was lifted into the air, a peace that I’ve never felt before

washed over me.  In that moment, I heard Christ’s voice and I wanted to give up everything and follow Him.  I wanted to become a priest.”  – Duy Tien Le

Nicolas Toan Nguyen left Vietnam with his family at age 10.  He was active at St. Colomban involved in altar serving, the choir, and the Eucharistic Youth. He attended Saint Patrick’s Seminary.

“During my last year in high school, I began to have an interest in studying to become a priest. I truly look forward to serve the People of God in the Diocese of Orange in my capacity as priest.” Nicolas Toan Nguyen

Four members of the class of 2011 are of Vietnamese descent. The Vietnamese-American seminarians who will be ordained reflect the changing face of the priesthood in the United States. Asian-Americans continue to fill the ranks of the priesthood at a higher rate than any other ethnic group in the nation, including Orange County, which has the highest concentration of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam.

“This is a very positive and hopeful time for our Diocese. We celebrate the faith and commitment of these new priests as they begin their ministry to the people of Orange County. We are blessed to have such a diverse and dynamic group of dedicated seminarians in service to God’s people,” said Bishop Brown.

Source: Diocese Of Orange Ordained Six New Priests
Photo: Thanh Tran